AKTIV Against Cancer works to ensure that physical activity will become an integral part of cancer treatment.  Recent research indicates that the benefits of physical activity helps control symptoms and side effects of cancer therapy and has also been shown to reduce cancer progression and improve responses to anticancer therapy.

I have seen personally the positive effects of exercise on both AKTIV cofounder Grete Waitz and with my own mother while going through cancer treatments! For more information click on the following link:


Boston Marathon Training - 2018

Welcome AKTIV marathoners! Click on the link below for each of the 3 training plans for the 2018 Boston Marathon.  The Beginner Plan is designed for someone who plans run 3-4 days per week, the Intermediate Plan 5 days per week and the Advanced Plan 6 days per week.  


AKTIV Beginner Plan

AKTIV Intermediate Plan

AKTIV Advanced Plan

Chart - Training Paces