3 Tips for 3 Weeks to go to the Boston Marathon!


1. Don’t try to make up for lost time!  Things don’t always go perfect in our marathon build ups.  Now is the time to take honest assessment of your fitness and adjust your time goal if needed.  Your fitness will still improve in these last few weeks, but don’t add extra volume or intensity to make up for some hiccups that may have occurred along the way.  Stepping on that starting line in Hopkinson feeling fresh and excited is more important than squeezing in some extra training and risking feeling fatigued and sluggish!

2. Make sure you have your race day nutrition dialed in!  You should plan ahead what you will eat in the morning and what you need to bring with you to the start.  If you drink coffee or tea think ahead about where you will get it that early in the morning.  At the athletes village the race will provide Poland Spring water, Gatorade Endurance Formula, Clif bars, Rainier apples, bagels and bananas.  Out on the course there will be Gatorade Endurance lemon lime flavor starting at mile two.  Clif Shot Energy Gels (flavors mocha, citrus, vanilla and razz) will be available at miles 11.8, 17 and 21.5.  There’s still time in your training to familiarize yourself with what will be available to you out on the course on race day.

3.  Practice “holding back” in training!  Pick one or two workouts and start a little bit slower than the pace that feels comfortable.  This is especially important for Boston first timers! There is lots of excitement on the starting line and lots of downhill (see the course map below from the B.A.A. Participant Guide) in the first half of the course.  You may need to hold back and be careful to not get carried away in the beginning stages of the race.  Keep in mind that you need to conserve some energy for the Newton Hills - and that you want to enjoy the last stretch down Boylston Street to the finish line!